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Running Kubebuilder Tests on Kubernetes

Kubebuilder's suite_test.go requires kubetools (etcd, kube-apiserver) to run. If you want to run them in a docker container (on Jenkins, for example), you're going to need a docker image with them installed. Fortunately, there is one,{linux,darwin}:<version>. Unfortunately, it doesn't have golang installed, somewhat scuppering the plan to run go based tests on it.

Getting golang and kubetools Together

One solution is to maintain your own images - FROM golang, and install kubetools. This would mean maintaining your own Dockerfiles with all the combinations of golang version and kubetools version you might need. No thank you.

Injecting kubetools into golang Container

A better solution is to use an init container to inject the kubetools binaries into the golang container:

apiVersion: v1 kind: Pod spec: containers: - name: golang image: golang:1.13 env: - name: KUBEBUILDER_ASSETS value: /kubetools/kubebuilder/bin/ - name: KUBEBUILDER_ATTACH_CONTROL_PLANE_OUTPUT value: true command: - sleep args: - infinity volumeMounts: - name: kubetools mountPath: "/kubetools" initContainers: - name: inject-kubetools image: commmand: - tar - zxf - "/kubebuilder_linux_amd64.tar.gz" - "-C" - "/kubetools/" volumeMounts: - name: kubetools mountPath: "/kubetools" volumes: - name: kubetools emptyDir: {}

This example will:

  1. Create a temporary container from the kubetools image with a mounted volume
  2. Extract the kubebuilder archive to that volume
  3. Create a container from the golang image with the same mounted volume

This gives you a single container with both golang and kubetools installed, capable of executing kubebuilder's test suite.